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Bella Wellbeing - Consultations + fees


When it comes to hormones, fertility and health, a natural approach is always best. If you just use artificial drugs and/or invasive procedures and do not address the reasons you have the imbalance in the first place, you may never fully resolve your health problems. Sometimes surgery or medication is warranted but a lot of the time there are safer, more natural solutions.

Every person is unique

Why you are having hormonal problems may be different to why someone else is experiencing these issues. This is also true in the way you are treated i.e. what works for you might not always work for someone else and this is why a tailored treatment plan is better.

Achieving hormonal balance takes time, patience and commitment.

Results do not happen overnight; it’s probably taken you a long time to get into your current state of health and likewise it can take many months to get back to feeling your best. Nikki’s goal is not just to alleviate all of your symptoms but work out what is causing your hormonal problems and natural ways to overcome them. It is an education in health and reprogramming your hormones so they are working for you and not against you!



This can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype. Before your consultation you will be sent a 7-day diet diary and patient forms to fill out and bring with you to the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation £85.00


A comprehensive 2 hour Naturopathic consultation where a thorough medical history will be taken followed by a review of your current diet and lifestyle together with a physical and diagnostic assessment to get a full picture of you and start to work out the root causes to your health concerns.

A follow-up email within 48 hours providing a personally tailored treatment protocol and detailed eating plan with recipes, dietary advice and lifestyle tips specific to you and a list of achievable health goals to start you on your way to hormonal balance.

Delicious balanced recipes that will support and feed your hormones (and your taste buds).

Lifestyle tips, motivational techniques, and book recommendations so you can stay focus and have further understanding.

10% discount off any Wild Nutritional supplements recommended.

Practitioner price laboratory tests if required (saving you lots of money).

Follow-up Consultation £45.00

A 60 minute follow-up consultation (generally 4 weeks later) to review your progress and continue to reassess and modify your treatment plan, keeping you motivated and on track.

* Most clients generally need between 2-6 follow-up consultations depending on their health concerns and their needs. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

* Any herbal medicine prescribed is an additional charge - roughly costing between £7-10 per week.