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Congratulations! The next 9 months should be a wonderful time for both you and your growing baby. It is a time to be savored and cherished and remembered with fondness and affection.

Although pregnancy is not an illness, some pregnant women may experience complications and uncomfortable symptoms that can be distressing and even debilitating. Fortunately a lot of these symptoms are short lived and can be addressed with self-help techniques and natural remedies.

How natural therapies can help you

What you eat can have a profound effect on your pregnancy and the health of your baby. It has become increasingly clear from recent research that a number of problems experienced during pregnancy and even throughout your baby's life can be prevented with having a good diet, maintaining a good weight and correcting any nutritional deficiencies.

Guidelines, advice and support will be given to enable you to reach and maintain a state of optimum health for a comfortable pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby. Advice can also be given on beneficial supplements to be taken both during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby as well as information on which foods are beneficial for your baby's health and development and which food and drinks should be avoided. There are also many safe and effective herbs and flower essences available if you are suffering any debilitating symptoms or need extra support.

Every pregnancy is different and what you do can make an enormous difference to your own general health during your pregnancy. Remember, the responsibility for the healthy development of your baby rests largely with you.

There is no better time to invest in your health. Book in for a Bella Wellbeing Pregnancy Consultation today.

Common pregnancy symptoms:

Morning sickness; constipation; haemorrhoids; heartburn; pre-eclampsia; fluid retention; leg cramps; concerns about weight gain and body image; premature labour and infections.

It can also be a time of huge emotional highs and lows – excited about parenthood and meeting your baby but apprehensive on how your life is going to change, fears of labour, body changes, and you may have become distressed by horror stories you’ve heard from other people.