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Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign (non cancerous) growths that develop in or on the muscle of the uterus. They can vary in number and size from a few millimeters to as large as a football. Uterine fibroids are very common and can affect 20 percent of women over the age of 30.

There are no known causes for fibroids, although we do know that their growth is dependant upon the presence of oestrogen as they rarely develop before menarche (first period) and will almost always shrink after menopause.

How natural therapies can help you

Naturopathic treatment aims to regulate excess bleeding, reduce ‘relative oestrogen excess’ and contain or reduce the size of the fibroid through specific herbal medicine and nutrients. Treatment may be lengthy (anywhere from 3-12 months) depending on the size and number of the fibroids and their location in the womb. However, herbal medicine is extremely effective in controlling and reducing heavy bleeding and any pain that may be associated with your period and this relief is usually noticeable within the first couple of cycles.

A large emphasis will be placed on enhancing diet and putting you on a oestrogen-clearance diet, lifestyle choices and reducing exposure to xeno-oestrogens (substances that mimic oestrogen in the body) through food or the environment. Improving liver and bowel function is also very important to enhance breakdown and elimination of oestrogen from the body. Help with losing body fat will be given if appropriate(other hormones can be converted to oestrogen in fatty tissue) and stress will be treated where necessary.

If the fibroid is too large and is impinging on other organs causing pressure symptoms or structurally interfering with fertility by preventing implantation, a myomectomy (surgical removal of the fibroid) is warranted and herbal and nutritional remedies can be used to aid healing and correct the underlying hormonal imbalance to reduce the risk of additional fibroid growth.

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Common Fibroid Symptoms:

The main symptoms of fibroids are - heavy, clotty and/or prolonged bleeding (which may go on for weeks with no distinct break between periods). This can lead to anaemia and fatigue. Some women may also have painful periods, backache or abdominal swelling while other women may have no symptoms at all.

Larger fibroids can put pressure on adjacent abdominal organs causing increased urinary frequency, feelings of heaviness and congestion in the lower abdomen and abdominal enlargement. Depending on the location of the fibroid it may cause miscarriage or infertility.