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Endometriosis is a very common gynaecological condition that affects approximately 10-15% of all women during their reproductive life with a peak incidence in 25-35 year olds.

What is Endometriosis?

In a normal reproductive tract, the endometrium lines the inside of the uterus (womb) and is expelled during each menstrual period. Endometriosis is the presence of functioning endometrial tissue outside the womb. This could be in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, bowel, vagina or rectum. Adenomyosis is endometrium growing between the fibres of the muscular wall of the uterus.

Wherever the endometrium tissue lies it continues to respond to hormonal stimulation and so bleeds every time a period occurs. When women bleed normally throughout menstruation, blood leaves the body through the vagina. However, in the case of endometriosis, the blood has no outlet and becomes trapped in the tissue, causing pain, inflammation, cysts and scar tissue.

The cause of the disease is not clear, though hormonal imbalance, inflammation and immunological dysfunction are all contributing factors. It is now believed that endometriosis is sensitive to oestrogen; therefore, women who have had more cycles without a break for pregnancy will have had more exposure to the female hormones and are at a much greater risk.

How natural therapies can help you

Natural remedies for endometriosis can be very successful, although it usually requires 6-12 months of treatment depending on the severity and duration of the condition. However, many symptoms are often alleviated quite soon after initial treatment.

Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements can be prescribed and individually tailored to your symptoms, the severity of your condition and your desire to become pregnant. Appropriate dietary, including an oestrogen-clearance diet, and lifestyle changes are important for successful treatment of endometriosis and for maintenance of the condition long term.

If surgery or laparoscopy is required, natural remedies can be provided to aid healing, reduce the risk of adhesions and correct the underlying hormonal imbalance to minimize chances of reoccurrence.

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Common Endometriosis Symptoms:

Endometriosis and adenoymosis are both extremely variable diseases with diverse symptoms. Pelvic discomfort, painful sex, abnormal bleeding, and PMS are the most common symptoms.

40% of women suffering from this condition will have fertility problems, and 30% of ongoing female infertility is caused by it.

Depending on where the endometrial tissue lies, you may find blood in your stools or urine during your period, or experience pain in diverse areas of your body. Some women experience nosebleeds during their periods because they have endometrial patches in their nasal passages (this is rare).

Some women experience no symptoms at all.