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Bella Wellbeing - Natural fertility management

Natural fertility management

1 in 5 couples are having trouble falling pregnant. Fertility problems can be simple or complex. There can be issues with female fertility (40%), male fertility (40%) and/or a combination of both (20%). Conventional fertility treatments are not always successful and do not have all the answers. A naturopath acknowledges that many factors can influence fertility, conception and pregnancy outcome and will endeavour to investigate them all.

What is Natural Fertility Management?

Natural Fertility Management (NFM) refers to the provision of information, education, herbal and nutritional support to individuals and couples seeking to improve their reproductive health and fertility.

NFM encompasses the teachings of the Billings method - a natural way for a woman to effectively manage her own fertility at all stages of her reproductive life, and to do so in a way that assists her to gain optimum physical, emotional and mental health, without recourse to drugs or devices. It also encompasses Preconception healthcare – a way to reach optimum health for both partners to ensure the best quality eggs and sperm, and nurturing environment (womb) before conception takes place.

Combining the Billings Method with Preconception healthcare offers couples (with or without fertility problems) the best possible preparation for a healthy baby, addressing and overcoming fertility problems, reducing the risk of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications plus this approach may be used to support successful IVF and GIFT procedures.

If you’re having any fertility issues or simply thinking about having a baby, book in for a comprehensive Bella Wellbeing Natural Fertility Management Program today.